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Community Partnership with the Houston Tool Bank

The first HHR community tool bank was established in Canyon Gate, a neighborhood in Katy, TX made up of 720 single family homes, all of which were completely devastated by flooding caused as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Tools entrusted to us by the Houston Tool Bank are checked out to residents in this community at no charge to them.

While HHR wishes it was able to help rebuild for all those in need, the devastation in our area was so widespread that it is impossible to do so. It is our hope that these tools, paired with the community skills training classes held by HHR, will give homeowners the confidence and ability to take on projects of their own. If you are interested in attending a trade skills training class, please see our training page.

If you would like your community considered for a community tool bank, please email your request to contact@harveyhousingrecovery.org

References for Canyon Gate Residents 

If you would like to access tools from the Canyon Gate Tool Bank, please download, print, and complete the waiver and hand in to the the Canyon Gate Tool Bank when checking out tools for the first time. You will be required to provide this signed waiver before checking out tools. Please note that these tools are reserved for Canyon Gate residents only and you will be required to show identification to verify address when checking out tools. We hope to expand the tool lending program to other areas of Katy, TX in the future.

The tool shed is located at the baseball fields at the end of Memorial Pass and will be open on Wednesday and Saturday from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. for check-out and returns.


Do for one what you wish you could do for all.

Kristina Bozoarth • President & Founder


Safety is always a priority when dealing with construction hazards and possible mold contaminates. Protective gear and project oversight keep volunteers safe.


All work performed by volunteers is overseen by a project manager. Also, volunteers are provided with a trade skills training class before performing any work.


Youth in grades 6-12 are eligible to participate in the Youth HHR Project. In-depth trade and specialties skills training will be taught to all youth participants.


Financially secure homeowners create stable communities. Homeowners should not have to drain all financial resources just to return their lives to normal.

A personal note from the President and Founder-

While my family and I were spared during Harvey, we witnessed first hand the impact this widespread flooding had on our community and the greater Houston area. Less than one month after the flood, 51,000 members of our county had already applied for FEMA aid. Although our friends and neighbors are grateful for the grants and loans provided to them via FEMA and the SBA, many homeowners are still overwhelmed with the costs associated with returning their homes to normal.  The HHR project was founded to be an inclusive organization. The only requirement for assistance is to be a homeowner not covered by flood insurance who flooded during Harvey. While complete rebuilds are reserved for priority cases(low-income, disabled, veterans, elderly, families with young chidren in the home) we aim to help everyone in the community is some way through community training and community-wide service projects.


Help homeowners rebuild after the widespread flooding caused from Hurricane Harvey. Get in touch today and start making the difference.