Terry and Olivia built their home in Katy, TX 17 years ago. The couple raised two sons, Ryan and Frank, and their boys are now grow and living on their own. Terry is retired after serving in the Air Force and many other civic positions for most of his life. Olivia still works part-time for a dental practice, mainly to stay busy and keep herself active. They are both in their mid-70’s and were enjoying their golden years before Harvey struck.

When the floodwaters entered their home, it destroyed 95% of their belongings. Like most with single story homes, not much could be salvaged. The only furniture that was able to be saved was the love seat and breakfast table. Even though both cars and their RV were also destroyed in the flood, the hardest thing for them to part with was their photos and Christmas ornaments from as far back as the sixties.

During the evacuation, Terry fell and injured his elbow. He spent some time in the hospital fighting an infection that resulted from his fall. While Terry and Olivia are doing the best they can to help rebuild their lives, most of the rebuilding efforts are left to their son Ryan. The first thing Ryan did when entering the home after the flood was hang the American flag. Since then, he has been working tirelessly to rebuild his parent’s home and help them recover.

  • Vietnam Veteran

  • Married 47 years

  • 95% of belongings lost

  • Not covered by flood insurance

If you would like to help this family rebuild their home, please get in touch with us today. Every dollar you can spare can help so much more then you can imagine.


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