Javier and Ara

JAVIER AND ARA Javier, Ara, and their two boys aged 15 and 8 live in Katy, TX in a neighborhood that was completely devastated when Harvey hit. When purchasing their home, no one advised them to carry flood insurance because their neighborhood was never expected to flood.

Dave and Teresita

DAVE AND TERESITA Dave and Teresita live in a subdivision where all 720 homes were completely devastated from the floodwaters that poured in when Harvey hit. In addition to their home being flooded, their daughter and mother were also flooded and displaced from their homes. Dave was laid off last November

Meghan and Caitlin

Meghan and Caitlin When Meghan purchased her home a little over a year ago, it was an attempt to start over and give her and her daughter a stable place to live. The home had the perfect layout, the best school district, and a backyard for their dogs. Meghan is

Terry and Olivia

TERRY AND OLIVIA Terry and Olivia built their home in Katy, TX 17 years ago. The couple raised two sons, Ryan and Frank, and their boys are now grow and living on their own. Terry is retired after serving in the Air Force and many other civic positions for most