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May 23, 2018

To our invaluable community partners,

As some of you may be aware, in early May, Kristina Bozoarth, Founder and President of HHR Project, made the difficult decision to step away from the leadership of HHR due to personal issues. The Board has nothing but respect and admiration for the significant benefit that Kristina was able to generate and the resources she was able to mobilize in the Katy community in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. She put all her heart and energy into helping rebuild flooded homes and providing other needed services. Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources, the Board of Directors of HHR has decided it is necessary to dissolve the organization and is in the process of ensuring that any remaining assets are properly returned or donated.

We want to extend our warmest regards and sincerest thanks to all of those in the community that supported and/or volunteered with the HHR Project. With your help, we were able to:

·       Rebuild more than 20 homes with drywall, texturing, paint, flooring, tile, painting or outside work;

·       Assist 75 homeowners with home repair, provision/delivery of donated building materials, mold treatment, power wash and/or fence repair;

·       Organize more than 250 volunteers who spent nearly 8,000 hours uplifting the Katy community;

·       Provide new mattresses, donated Christmas decorations and Thanksgiving meals and other services to more than 400 community members.

None of this would have been possible without your support and partnership.

Warmest regards,

HHR Project, Board of Directors